Brisbane family portraits: K. Family

Sometimes the photographic gods are particularly kind and you are blessed with the magical combination of amazing light and amazing portrait subjects.

This happened late last year, when I photographed my good friends, the K. Family  (I know, I’ve been very slow in blogging) shortly before the birth of their daughter. We met at a park only a few minutes from my home and the sun was just setting through the trees. The light was, well, absolutely out of this world. When you are a photographer and you are lucky enough to experience this kind of light, you must obey just one rule. You don’t MOVE. You stay, and you take as many photos as you possibly can!  I was also fortunate that the K. Family are also super photogenic;)

P.S. In case you are wondering, they had a beautiful little girl one month later and she is the cutest little thing since sliced bread (she’s also my goddaughter, yay).

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Samantha Shannon