Kangaroo Point Cliffs Engagement Session: Kate and Paul

There’s nothing like strolling along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and the Brisbane River on a beautiful, sunny March afternoon…

That’s just what I did the other day with Melbourne couple Kate and Paul for their engagement session and it was a lovely way to spend the weekend. Former Queenslanders, Kate and Paul were visiting for the weekend and wanted to capture a slice of the Brisbane skyline in their photos.

Brisbane was really showing off that day, so I think the timing was pretty good!

Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-02 Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-03 Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-04Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-06 Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-05Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-07 Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-08 Kangaroo-Point-cliffs-engagement-session-kate-paul-09

Samantha Shannon