Mirra Brisbane Wedding: Jo and Joel

Jo and Joel always wanted a wedding that felt like a ‘dinner party’ – an intimate and¬†happy event with just their closest friends and family. Boy, did they succeed! Although their small urban wedding was held in the heart of Fortitude Valley at Mirra Brisbane, it very much felt like a fun backyard BBQ on a Sunday evening. After kicking off their day with a ‘first look’ and official portraits in the nearby alley ways, Jo and Joel had a beautiful ceremony with readings from Jo’s children, followed by drinks and ‘get to know you’ party games with guests. The evening was topped off with a pun-filled speech from the groom that had the guests in stitches and the ‘shoe game’ for the bride and groom. It was, all in all, a fab day.¬†Congratulations Jo and Joel!

Wedding details

Ceremony and Wedding: Mirra Brisbane
Celebrant: Carly Slade
Florist: Willis Designs
Cake:  Cake Your Occasion
Makeup: Jo’s daughter Jess
Hair: Hair Logics
Music: Chang Po Ching Music

Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-001 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-002-first-look Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-003 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-004 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-005 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-006 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-007 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-008 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-009 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-010 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-011 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-012 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-013 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-014 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-015 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-016 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-017 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-018 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-019 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-020 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-021 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-022 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-023 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-024 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-025 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-026 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-027 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-028 Mirra-Brisbane-Wedding-Jo-Joel-029

Samantha Shannon