Earlier this year, my husband and I made one of the best decisions ever.

We got a dog.

Let me introduce to you my new four-legged best friend Ben. This big, sweet, slinky, slobbery, accident-prone greyhound has nosed his way into our hearts and, let me tell you – we don’t mind one little bit!

We adopted Ben through the Greyhound Adoption Program, an excellent organisation that finds new homes for ex-racing greyhounds after their career has ended.  There are thousands of hounds that need new ‘forever’ homes each year and organisations like GAP provide a much-needed and very important service.

We’d first come across GAP at a dog-rescue expo held by the RSPCA last year. We had been thinking about getting a dog for ages but we wanted to thoroughly research the different breeds available before making a decision.

As soon as we visited the GAP stand, we knew that the greyhound was just for us! The greyhounds we met that day were sweet, gentle and quiet and they didn’t seem fussed by the hundreds of barking dogs around them.  Nothing seemed to faze them. Some other great bonuses – they’re very lazy and don’t need much exercise (it’s not unusual for greyhounds to sleep up to 18 hours a day).  They rarely bark and they’re also very patient.

Several months later we adopted Ben. It’s true what they say about dogs being ‘man’s best friend’.  When your dog is so excited to see you that he runs around in crazy circles, it makes you feel very warm and fuzzy inside!

Best decision ever.


Samantha Shannon