Powerhouse engagement session: Ali and Lachlan

In my line of work, you hear of some pretty fantastic proposals. I’m constantly amazed by the detail, thought and love that goes into some of them. There are some awesome guys out there ladies, trust me!

Lachlan’s proposal to Ali, though, was definitely unique.

Some background…Lachlan had been living and working on Maquarie Island as part of the long-term conservation efforts there (for those whose geography is a little rusty, it’s halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica). It’s a World Heritage site that is renowned for its flora and fauna, including Southern Elephant Seals and King Penguins. It’s also very isolated and Ali and Lachlan were separated for months at a time. So late last year, when Ali came to the island for a visit, Lachlan decided it was time to pop the question. So where did he choose to propose? On a beach full of thousands of penguins! Isn’t that brilliant?!

Ali and Lachlan will be getting married in the country later this year, so they wanted an engagement session that was a complete contrast.¬†They were looking for an edgy, urban feel to their portraits, so we headed to New Farm for their engagement session. Ali and Lachlan’s Powerhouse engagement session was great fun to shoot and the the brick walls and concrete were the perfect backdrop.










Samantha Shannon