Display album sneak peek: Lydia and Michael

As a photographer, I think it’s really important to provide my clients with quality albums that are timeless and will last for generations.  Wedding albums,  after all, are a piece of family history and contain all the beautiful memories from your wedding day as well as images of all the people closest to you.

Therefore, it was with great excitement when I recently collected my latest display album from the post office. Isn’t it a beauty? Check out the gorgeous Tiffany blue cover. Yum!

KISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Tiffany-blue-coverKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Tiffany-blue-cover-02KISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:ReceptionKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Portrait-spreadKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Gabbinbar-homesteadKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Ceremony spreadKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Bride-and-groom-spreadKISS-wedding-books-Lydia-Michael:Grey-chevron-dust-cover

Samantha Shannon