Marie and James: Customs House wedding, Brisbane

I never, ever get sick of hearing about my client’s wedding proposals – everyone always has such a wonderful story to tell.  Some have been dramatic and creative, others have been funny and some have been intimate and emotional. My latest clients, Marie and James have a cracker of a proposal story and I’m happy to share it with you today (I think you’ll agree Marie would make an excellent photographic assistant; the girl has focus).

I’ll let Marie tell the story…

How did you guys meet? Marie – “Way back in 2008, I was introduced to James by my oldest sister Catherine who had known James for a number of years. We went on a double date with Catherine and her new, but still partner, Michael at the Mecca Bar at Emporium.”

Tell me about your proposal. Marie – “We went over to Europe in Christmas 2012 and we took the opportunity to visit Stonehenge. In the middle of sleet falling horizontally, causing all the other tourists to rush inside, I took it as an opportunity to get a clear photo and turned around to find James on one knee.  I finished my photos and asked James to do it again!”

What’s your wedding vision?  “We want our wedding to be remembered by our friends and family as a day filled with love and joy”.

Wedding Details:  

Ceremony: Chapel of the Holy Family, St Joseph’s College, Spring Hill
Officiant: Father Dave O’Connor
Reception: Customs House, Brisbane
Cake: Groom’s sister Meg

Customs-House-Wedding-Chapel of the Holy FamilyCustoms-House-Wedding-Groom Portrait

Customs-House-Wedding-Guests arriving to church

Customs-House-Wedding - Groom and groomsmenCustoms-House-Wedding-Bride arrives at church

Customs-House-Wedding-Bride cryingCustoms-House-Wedding-Groom waiting for bride


Customs-House-Wedding-View of Chapel of the Holy FamilyCustoms-House-Wedding-Bridesmaids bouquets

Customs-House-Wedding-Guests bless bride and groomCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James outdoor portrait

Customs-House-Wedding-Marie and James outdoor portrait 2Customs-House-Wedding-Marie smiling

Customs-House-Wedding-Bride and bridesmaids


Customs-House-Wedding-Samantha-Shannon-PhotographyCustoms-House-Wedding-Bride and Groom on balconyCustoms-House-Wedding-Bride and Groom portraitCustoms-House-Wedding- Bride and Groom smilingCustoms-House-Wedding-Bride and groom portrait with guestsCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James' receptionCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James reception detailsCustoms-House-Wedding - Wedding cake Star wars cake toppersCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James greet guestsCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James speechesCustoms-House-Wedding-Marie and James first dance



Samantha Shannon