Even more Insanity

If you had told me over a month ago that I’d be voluntarily waking up every day at 5.15am, I’d have thought you were pulling my leg.  But strange things happen sometimes!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had signed up for Tough Mudder (a 20km run/obstacle course) and I was severely unfit.   Not long after, I came across the promo video for The Insanity workout. Insanity* is a 60-day, high-intensity interval workout. Its creators call it the “hardest fitness program ever put on DVD”.  Fighting words,eh? Despite my doubts, I thought I’d give it a chance and I’m so happy I did.

Insanity definitely lives up to its name. It’s hard. It’s really, really hard.  For the first two days, I positively hated it. I moaned, I cried, I whinged. After every session, I literally collapsed on the floor in a puddle of sweat.

But I pushed through and now I’m proud to say that I’ve been working out six days a week, for almost six weeks now (Day 40 – woohoo!). My cardio has improved in leaps and bounds, my blood pressure has decreased,  I’m more flexible (hey, toes!) and I’ve lost inches all over my body.  And, drumroll, please….I can do lots of push ups!

Although the Insanity workout  still kicks my butt, getting up in the morning is no longer a challenge and I can actually say I look forward to working out every day. I’m pretty excited to see how much more my fitness will improve in the next 20 days! Bring it on!


This is my heart rate during a rest period in one of my workouts. Insanity is craaazy.

 *I am not being paid to endorse Insanity, I just think it’s pretty awesome.

Samantha Shannon