Friday Fast Five: October 5, 2012

Hello everybody and welcome to the very first installation of the Friday Fast Five, a collective of what’s funny, interesting, weird and exciting in the news, on the internet and around the water cooler.

1. Squirrel escapes…like a boss.

So what happens when a squirrel gets loose in your kitchen?  Check it out.

2.   Marimekko coming to Australia

Happy days! Marimekko, the famous Scandinavian fabric company, is coming to our shores.  If you haven’t heard of Marimekko before, it’s a store that specialises in pillows, fabrics and homewares in amazing, coloured prints. I recently visited the New York store on a trip to the US and my husband had to drag me out. If  you love colour, this is the shop for you. Read more here.

Myllymäki fabric

Myllymäki fabric

3.  Bridal inspiration

Ever thought about having a non-white wedding dress? Here’s something to inspire you – Vera Wang has released her 2013 Spring collection and the wedding dresses are all red!  Talk about making a statement! I want to photograph one! Check them out here.

Vera Wang Spring 2013.

(Image courtesy of

4. Reporter makes baby cry

What not to do if you’re a TV reporter…

5.  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

If  you hate reality TV, it’s probably best you stop reading right now. If you’re like me, on the other hand, and are a hopeless reality TV show addict, take a seat and get comfortable.  Here’s my my my advice: check out Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  I’m kind of lost for words describing it, but it’s completely addictive. It’s become a bit of a cultural phenomenon in America and is drawing millions of viewers each episode. Google it. Or YouTube it.  Now.

Until next time…

Samantha Shannon