What is a first look?

If you’re just beginning to plan your wedding, you may have come across the term ‘first look’ in wedding blogs, forums and magazines.

So, you may ask, what exactly is a ‘first look’?

‘A first look’ involves the bride and groom meeting privately before their wedding ceremony, with their wedding photographer capturing the moment when they lay eyes on each other for the first time.

Although ‘first looks’ have been very popular in the USA for many years, they are only just starting to gain more prominence in Australia.

How do they work?

The groom is taken to a private location where he is instructed to wait for his bride.

What is a first look: Groom waiting for brideThe bride slowly walks up behind the groom and surprises him with a tap on the shoulder…

What is a first look: Bride walking up behind groom

The photographer then captures the unforgettable moment when the groom turns around and sees his beautiful bride for the first time.
What is a first look: Groom sees his bride for first timeA ‘first look’ is often very moving. Without an audience, the bride and groom are free to express their emotions.They can laugh, cry or just hug…What is a first look: Happy bride and groom
It’s a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom to spend some quality time alone together (rare on a wedding day) and share in their happiness and joy.  You can simply soak it all in and enjoy the moment before getting caught up in the whirlwind of the day.

What is a first look: Quality time togetherFollowing the ‘first look’, the bride and groom will typically have their official portraits taken. The big advantage of scheduling your wedding photographs earlier is that it allows couples to enjoy canapés and drinks with their guests immediately after the ceremony. If you have a tight schedule or your ceremony is the evening or late afternoon, the ‘first look’ is a great option. You’ll have plenty of time for photographs and there’ll be an abundance of beautiful, natural light.

What is a first look? Samantha Shannon PhotographyIs a ‘first look’ for me?

The ‘first look’ has a number of  great benefits.

–       You get more ‘alone’ time with your loved one.

–       You have privacy to connect emotionally with each other.

–       You can have your official portraits taken earlier in the day, allowing you to relax and enjoy cocktail hour with your guests after the ceremony.

However, the first look is not for everyone. If you have always dreamed of your loved one seeing you for the first time as you walk up the aisle, that’s  completely your choice.

In the end, you should always choose what makes you feel most comfortable. It’s an extremely personal decision and there is no right or wrong.

How do you want to remember your day?



Samantha Shannon