Portrait photography albums: KISS books

I’ve been searching for the perfect portrait album to offer my clients for a while now, and I’m super happy to announce I’ve found the perfect partner in KISS Wedding Books. Why KISS? They’re simple, timeless and fuss-free. They have gorgeous, high-quality leather covers and the photographs are beautifully printed. And they look amazing! Best of all, clients will be able to ensure their memories are preserved for generations to come.

I’ll be offering two sizes for portrait albums – 8×8 and 4×4.  This is the 8×8 in Sultry Blue (cool name, huh?)

KISS wedding books: Sultry Blue 8x8

The albums are very, very sturdy. The leather albums have a hard substrate between each page, delivering maximum durability.

KISS wedding books: Page close-up

The photographs are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival Paper, ensuring your memories are protected forever. What I really love are the lay flat pages with the seamless folds. This means there are no cuts in the middle of the pages, allowing you to see each spread in all its glory.

KISS wedding books: Fuji Crystal Archival paper

The albums are a fantastic way to showcase your images. Great for individual portrait sessions (like the one of the gorgeous Katelyn below), couple and engagement sessions and family portrait sessions.

kiss wedding books: lay-flat pagesKISS wedding books: Samantha Shannon Photography

This is a gorgeous little pocket-size 4×4 book in Passion Pink. I really, really love this size – it’s just so practical. They are perfect as brag books and can fit easily into your handbag.  They make great gifts for parents and grandparents.

Kiss wedding books: 4x4 Passion PinkKiss wedding books: Wedding photography BrisbanePortrait albumsL: KISS wedding books the world's simplest book company

KISS wedding books: Sultry Blue and Passion Pink

Each album comes with an awesome, funky dust-cover. Practical and cute!

Portrait albums: KISS wedding books dust cover

There are a range of awesome colours to choose from – Virgin White, Forbidden Green, Sultry Blue, Redlight Red, Voluptuous Black, Smouldering Brown and Passion Pink. Only 100% full grain leather is used for the leather covers.  With everything in my business, I endeavour to offer clients quality solutions that are simple and timeless and I’m happy to have found this in KISS Wedding Books!

KISS wedding books: Full-grain leather

Samantha Shannon