In front of the lens

When I tell people I recently went to the US for a holiday, the same question usually pops up.

“Did you take lots of photographs?”

I did take lots of photographs while I was away, but for once, I didn’t beat myself up about getting the ‘perfect shot’. Sometimes I would bring my pro DSLR and lenses on sightseeing trips, but most of the time I just ended up using a point and shoot (the excellent and significantly lighter Canon G1X) for convenience and ease. I also just wanted to enjoy my trip without the pressure of getting creative shots every day.

Having said this, it was really important for me to have some great images documenting our holiday. If I wasn’t going to do it – someone else was! So thank you to the lovely Monika Eisenbart from ME Photographia for coming to our rescue! Monika met us in Central Park in New York one day, where we spent a happy few hours walking around in the sunshine, getting lost (and lost again) and posing for the camera. It was quite strange being in front of the lens for once, but not as scary as I thought. It was a nice change!

Here is one of the photos of my hubby and I in Central Park. You can see the rest of the images here.

Samantha Shannon