Chris and Crystal: Montville engagement photography

What better way to start my new blog than with this super adorable engagement session from Montville? Chris and Crystal decided to have their engagement shoot at Kondalilla Falls outside of Montville, complete with a delicious picnic lunch of fresh fruit, breads, croissants, cheese, sausages and other scrumptious goodies (how good is that?). Chris and Crystal love bushwalking and going on road trips in their spare time, so it seemed very fitting!

So what makes these two cuties connect? I asked Crystal to elaborate…

Tell me about the proposal

“On our five-year anniversary, Chris booked us into the Marriott and took me to our favourite restaurant for dinner. When we arrived at Kingsley’s, a personalised menu was waiting at our table (my “anniversary gift” he told me). Each dish had been selected to represent a specific event in our relationship (our first date was represented with a mashed potato bowling ball). Already surprised by his thoughtful anniversary gift, I was absolutely shocked when I found a beautiful diamond ring set into my creme-brulee. Through my tears, I watched as Chris appeared by my side on bended knee. Of course, I said yes!”

How did you know Chris was the one for you?

“There hasn’t really been a defining moment where I first knew, we have just grown so close over the past six years. Chris has seen me at my best and my worst, and his love for me has never faltered. We understand each other and have a very open, honest and trusting relationship. It’s difficult to put in words, but I know. It just feels so natural and so right with him by my side.”

Chris of course, had the last word.

What do you love most about Crystal?

“I love her playfulness. She stops me from getting too serious.”

Samantha Shannon