Chris and Crystal: Nindigully Pub Wedding

There are some couples that you instantly know should be together…My friends Chris and Crystal are one of these couples. They think the  absolute world of one another other and have been excitedly looking forward to their wedding day for the past year. Their special day finally arrived last weekend, and what a wedding it was!

Chris and Crystal’s wedding was intensely personal. Although they live in the city, they chose to get married in their favourite place in the world – the Nindigully Pub. Located  about six and a half hours west of Brisbane near the banks of the Moonie River, the Nindigully Pub is Chris and Crystal’s preferred place to escape, relax and unwind together.  Every other  intricate detail of their DIY country wedding had significance as well – from the decorative boxes containing trinkets symbolising Chris and Crystal’s personalities to the freshwater yabby centerpieces on the bridal table (yes, you read correctly!).  It was an extremely beautiful outback wedding, full of happiness and joy, and most importantly, it was very ‘Chris and Crystal’.  Wishing you all the best, guys! To happy endings!


The scenery around Nindigully was fantastic for wedding photography.

Nindigully Pub: Field

Nindigully Pub: Cotton fieldNindigully Pub: Nindigully Sign

Established in 1864, Nindigully Pub is Queensland’s oldest hotel.Doesn’t it just look like it’s from the set of a movie?

(Well, funnily enough…it was featured in the Hugh Jackman movie Paperback Hero).

Nindigully Pub Wedding

Many of the guests camped by the river and enjoyed some cold beers before the ceremony.

Nindigully Pub: Wedding guests

I was a little bit in love with Crystal’s ‘flower’ choice for her bouquets and buttonholes – cotton! Awesome x 1000.

Outback wedding: Cotton bouquetsCrystal’s bridal preparations took place in one of the pub’s picturesque rooms.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Bridal preparations

To say the bride was excited was a bit of an understatement!

Nindigully Pub Wedding: CrystalNindigully Pub Wedding: Bride getting ready

The look on the mother of the bride’s face when she saw her daughter was absolutely priceless.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Mother of the brideNindigully Pub Wedding: Mother of the bride's first look at brideNindigully Pub Wedding: Excited brideNindigully Pub Wedding: Bride

And just because this is my blog and I can – I’m going to show another picture of the awesome bouquet!

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Cotton bouquet

Meet Chris (he’s the one on the left) – the world’s most chilled out groom.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Groom and hotel

Time for a quick read over the vows in the official groom’s tent, before getting ready for the ceremony.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Groom gets readyNindigully Pub: Groom PhotographyNindigully Pub Wedding: ButtonholeNindigully Pub Wedding: Groom portrait

The wedding location by the river was simply, but perfectly decorated.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: RiverNindigully Pub Wedding: Ceremony details

Time to get married!

Nindigully Pub Wedding: CeremonyNindigully Pub Wedding: Father of bride and groomNindigully Pub Wedding: Bride and groom at ceremonyNindigully Pub Wedding: First kiss

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Married

The afternoon light was perfect for portraits.  The bride and groom looked pretty awesome too!

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Samantha Shannon PhotographyNindigully Pub Wedding: Bride and groom portraitNindigully Pub Wedding PhotographyNindigully Pub Wedding: Outback weddingNindigully Pub: Outback wedding photographyNindigully Pub: Bride and groomOutback wedding: Chris and Crystal

One of my favourite photos of the day was this fun portrait of the bridal party.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Bridal party

The rustic DIY outdoor reception was meticulously planned by Chris and Crystal over the past 12 months and was set up by their friends and  in the days before the wedding. It looked fantastic.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Reception

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Cotton decorations

The bridal table was very unique in that it had yabby centerpieces (for those readers not from Australia, it’s a freshwater crustacean). Actually, I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been done anywhere!  Chris and Crystal were thrilled to catch a giant yabby (no longer with us today) in the river at Nindigully a few years ago and wanted to incorporate this proud moment into their wedding.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Yabby centerpiece

The reception was festooned with hundreds of fairylights, which looked amazing when the sun went down.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Fairylights

Each table was decorated with old and vintage Australian books.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Vintage books

One of the coolest details was this decorative door. It featured little boxes containing items that reflected Chris and Crystal’s personalities or significant events in their lives.

Nindigully Pub Wedding: MenuNindigully Pub Wedding: Guest book and photo booth

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Bride and groom arrive

Nindigully Pub Wedding: Fairylights portraitNindigully Pub Wedding: Reception fairylights

Samantha Shannon